Meaning of Wandarra

Wandarra Story 

Inspired by the Aboriginal term for Good, Wanadarra is an inspiration to the keepers of this sacred land who lived in harmony with their environment, promoting “good health” in an existence at one with nature.

Australia has globally recognised tier one soil and with a climate which encourages high-yielding crops. This is particularly evident in North Queensland. We at Wandarra asked the question, why isn’t Australia the hemp capital of the world? From that question, Wandarra was born. From inception, our intent is to be the most vertically advanced and integrated Industrial Hemp Company in the world, taking an ordinary plant today into an extraordinary tomorrow.

Hemp's Global Solution

Firstly, we realsied the underlining global problem. By 2050 the world will need to feed 9 billion people. In other words, the demand for food will be 60% greater than it is today and 40% of the world’s landmass is arid, and reported rising temperatures will turn even more of it into desert. At current rates, the amount of food we’re growing today will feed only half of the population. One third of agriculture lies in water-stressed regions. In the year 2050 we’ll need twice as much water, and we’ll need better and more sustainable renewable energy, all which the humble hemp plant can support across five identified pathways.

Sustainable Hemp Business Model

So we developed our PeoplePlanetPower from the one Plant business model. Together with the Wandarra ‘circle of health’ we will deliver nutrition, clothing, building materials and cleaner greener power. We want to share the endless benefits with our stakeholders, our communities, indigenous groups, the environment and farmers.

Our mission is simple  –  be an Australian owned and made industrial hemp company that utilises the natural goodness of North Queensland supported by our  ThriveTech™ farming and processing system.

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