Why Queensland

Headquarters in Queensland

Wandarra has established its headquarters in Townsville (an Australian sea port in Northern Queensland) to be the hub for sourcing hemp raw materials from co-operative farming agreements and processing and supplying hemp food products and industrial products for domestic and global supply contracts.

Wandarra has specifically selected this location for its headquarters because Northern Queensland has globally recognised tier one soil which encourages high yielding crops.

Northern Queensland Farmers

Northern Queensland farming lands are owned disparately by individual farming families which produce crops to meet domestic and global demand. Wandarra has secured community and Government support for the introduction of hemp cropping using proposed co-operative farming agreements with licensed farmers to meet the increasing demand for hemp plant-based protein food.

Queensland State Hemp Growth

Queensland state hemp growing licenses have been registered in all planned growing regions. Hub and Spoke approach allows continuous growing and supply to generate uninterrupted processing and manufacturing to the designated facilities in Townsville, Queensland.

Existing land and reliable water entitlements dominated by farmers and Government incentives to develop new cropping models linked to value-add Agri-Food operations.


Wandarra's Headquarters in Queensland, The Heart of Hemp Sourcing and Production

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