Seed Harvest

Wandarra has established and harvested the first HEMP FIBRE crop in North Queensland  

Seed Dryer

Wandarra is the first in the Burdekin Region to own and operate a commercial seed dryer, the Agridry Predator mobile batch dryer, capable of drying down to 2% moisture levels using its 23cubic meters of direct fan forced heat. Ideal for grain and oil seeds, maximising quality by drying on site before being transported and […]

Porsche introduces first race car made of hemp: 718 cayman gt4

The new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, the follow-up to the Cayman GT4 racer, is finally here! They have made it faster than the previous model and greener. Some components of the vehicle are made out of Flax and Hemp. They took flax and hemp fibers and arranged them to compose a similar pattern that one […]

Canada’s alberta province pushes dual cropping for fiber and grain

The Canadian province of Alberta is moving fast to develop infrastructure to support dual-cropping of hemp grain and fiber through ambitious initiatives that look to expand the output of raw materials amid projections that hemp farming and processing will grow exponentially in the coming years. Canada’s top hemp producer, Alberta turns out roughly 40% of […]

Food Manufacturing Research in North QLD

Wandarra’s subsidiary, Full Harvest Solutions, and CSIRO are currently researching food manufacturing opportunities in North QLD, for high value protein ingredients (such as plant based protein and other oil seed crops). Read more about this at:

Wandarra industrial hemp varietal research

Last month Wandarra Agronomist, Luke Hargreaves commenced industrial hemp varietal trial Number 5 with the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries at the Burdekin research station. The purpose of this trial is to continue to research & investigate varietal response to the increase in day length, after the winter solstice, the shortest day of […]

Wandarra industrial hemp varietal research september update

Industrial hemp, with its diverse range of applications, is becoming an increasingly important crop globally. In Australia, the pursuit of sustainable and profitable hemp production has led to intensive research and development efforts. One such endeavor is the Wandarra Industrial Hemp Varietal Research Project, which aims to explore and refine the cultivation of hemp varieties […]