Growth management

Foundation Stage

June 2023 (5M)

  • Capital raise with the potential of matched Government grants.
  •  Low capital, low complexity, 250 hectares of farming land, leased processing facility and securing of initial equipment and staffing for proof of concepts for commercial cropping and processing.
  • Rigorous market investigation and relationship building informs subsequent timing of next stage.


Scale up - Primary Produdion, Processing, Hub and Spoke Infrastructure

July2024-2025 (20-30M)

  • Global marketing after proof of concept stage will trigger ‘pull’ demand for more products.
  • More complex processing and production implementation to achieve ‘higher value’ products and materials.
  • Capex requirements will be a mixture of equity and debt.


Advanced Production Implementation

July 2026 (70-100M)

  • Including a state-of-the-art smart facility that is able to produce advanced materials food grade products and plant extracts.
  • Fulfilling long-term agreements for both domestic and global contracts.


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